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What to Pack; Scottish Highlands Holiday

Updated: Apr 9

Packing can be one of the most stressful parts of your holiday journey when you've not visited previously

Packing for your Scottish Highlands Holiday

I have included all of the things that you will find in the lodge once you're there and items we recommend you bring along with you to make your self-catering holiday as special as possible.


Indulge in the culinary delights of The Triangle Lodge as you step into our beloved kitchen, an inviting open-plan space seamlessly connected to the lounge and dining area. Here, you'll be captivated by the breathtaking views of the loch through our expansive patio doors, creating an ambiance that instantly makes you feel at home.

Our well-equipped kitchen boasts an array of utensils essential for your stay. From the fundamental knives and forks to the versatile whisks, we've thoughtfully provided everything you need. Prepare your gastronomic masterpieces on the four-point hob and oven, and make use of the convenient microwave and toaster. For those eager to showcase their baking prowess, we offer an assortment of supplies, including scales and rolling pins, ensuring you have all the essentials. We do not however have a slow cooker or an air fryer.

When it comes to presenting your delectable creations, our ample selection of plates and bowls awaits. Complementing this, we offer a delightful variety of glasses and mugs, allowing you to savor your favorite beverages in style.

We feel incredibly grateful for the mindful approach our guests take towards minimizing food waste during their stay at The Triangle Lodge. We deeply appreciate your efforts in ensuring that any items with a longer shelf life, which you may not wish to take home with you, are not wasted. To support this shared commitment, we have established a dedicated cupboard at our lodge specifically for this purpose.

Please feel welcome to utilize this cupboard in any way you see fit. It serves as a convenient resource for you to access when you find yourself running low on supplies. You'll often discover a variety of options that allow you to create a satisfying meal, ensuring you never go hungry during your time at The Triangle Lodge.

Scottish Highlands Holiday Let

Living Area

With the kitchen leading on to the living space, it makes sense to cover here next! We wanted this space to be the heart of the home and welcome groups from friends to family.

Children's Toys

We are proud to offer our childrens corner which has toys tucked away in our bag of wonders, childrens books that line our shelves, arts and crafts, including our childrens favourite paints and paper, on the top shelf (this was absolutely strategically placed haha!)

Dining Table

Experience the epitome of dining and entertainment in our expansive dining room, where a generously proportioned table awaits, comfortably seating up to six individuals. This exquisite setting not only serves as an exceptional venue for indulging in delectable meals but also provides an enchanting space to engage in lively board game sessions. Whether you gather with family or friends, the combination of culinary delights and immersive gaming experiences will undoubtedly create lasting memories


We have purposefully designed a welcoming space at The Triangle Lodge that comfortably accommodates larger groups, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the mesmerising vistas beyond our patio doors. During the daytime, indulge in the captivating sight of numerous boats traversing the Caledonian Canal (please note that boat activity may be seasonal, as the locks close during winter). Keep an eye out for the occasional spectacle of magnificent mega yachts and naval ships gracefully passing by, adding an element of excitement to your stay.

As the night falls, we offer you the delightful option of perusing our carefully curated selection of DVDs. Snuggle up on the plush sofa and unwind as you enjoy a cinematic experience. Our television is equipped with an Amazon stick, granting access to popular streaming services like Netflix; however, it is important to note that you will need to log in to your personal account. While we strive to provide a stable Wi-Fi connection, please be aware that signal strength may occasionally fluctuate.

Scottish Highlands Holiday Let


Scottish Highlands Holiday Let

Our bathroom doesn't bring any thrills, when buying this lodge it was quite run down and we have absolutely loved bringing some life back in to it in other areas, especially our kitchen. In our bathroom you will find an electric shower, drawer space, toilet and sink. Towels will be included during your stay. We have been able to offer the lodge at a cheaper rate whilst we do renovations throughout, we hope to have the bathroom renovated by the end of 2023.


We're proud to offer larger groups within The Triangle Lodge, with The Triangle Lodge sleeping up to 7 people, we have three separate bedrooms. Within each of the bedrooms the lodge is ready for you to tuck up in bed, with each bed including a fresh set of bedding and pillows. View our bedrooms in detail here.

Scottish Highlands Family Holiday Let


We have a wonderful decked area that takes you from the lounge area straight towards the loch. We encourage you to bring your own chairs if you wish to sit out here. We absolutely encourage you to bring along your own swimwear (wetsuits preferable if you have them but not necessary), if you have a kayak or paddle board I highly recommend you bring this along with you as getting out on the loch can transform your holiday. If you don't have your own, you can hire them out and have them delivered directly to the lodge during. If you're visiting in the summer, we recommend bringing some mosquito spray as those mosses can take over if the wind settles!

We do not have anything for you to have a fire outdoors, however if you choose to bring along a fire pit we kindly ask you to please not put this on top of our wooden decked area and this will cause it to burn. Please use it on the grass area in front of the decking and DO NOT leave the fire unsupervised.

Scottish Highlands Holiday Let

So there we have it, we recommend to pack for all weathers for your Scottish Highlands holiday as the weather can fluctuate greatly. You just never know what you're going to get! But please, pack for all the adventures, and all the eventualities. I don't doubt that making memories and experiencing the Highlands will forever be one of your greatest memories, so soak up every second of it. Whilst you're in the lodge, don't forget to snap lots of photos and videos and share them on your social media to enter them in to our competition. We love seeing how each of our guests enjoy this space.

Elle, Sam and Children

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