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Top 5 Day Trips in the Scottish Highlands

Updated: May 19, 2023

Your Ultimate Guide to Our Favourite Day Trips You Can Take Directly From The Triangle Lodge.

Looking to make the most of your visit to the lodge? Look no further than the Scottish Highlands, where adventure awaits at every turn. Discover our hand-picked selection of top destinations to explore from the lodge, and arm yourself with all the essential information you need to plan your journey. From breathtaking vistas to hidden gems off the beaten path, we've got you covered. So why wait? Start planning your dream trip today and experience the wonders of the Scottish Highlands like never before.

Day Trips in the Scottish Highlands

Are you looking for the must-visit destinations in the Scottish Highlands for your upcoming holiday? As someone who loves adventure, I have compiled a list of my top five activities to help you make the most of your day trips while staying at The Triangle Lodge.

Lets begin our Top 5 Day Trips in the Scottish Highlands

#1 Ben Nevis

Day Trips in the Scottish Highlands

Travel time from The Triangle Lodge; 30 minutes Rising majestically as the highest peak in the United Kingdom, Ben Nevis is a must-visit destination that promises an unforgettable experience. Whether you're seeking to conquer this towering mountain as a personal challenge or simply to tick it off your bucket list, you won't be disappointed. The Triangle Lodge's strategic location offers you the convenience of an early morning start and the ultimate comfort upon your return from the summit. From beginner routes to heart-pumping trails, there's something for everyone on this mountain. I assure you that including Ben Nevis in your Scottish Highlands itinerary will be a decision you won't regret.

Below I have included links to two separate hikes to the summit of Ben Nevis. Both have the same end goal, however, our personal favourite is the Carn Mor Dearg Arete (Experienced Route). This route will take you around the North Face and gives you incredible views throughout you hike. Please read both and see which suits you best. Don't forget to check the weather and pack enough water!

#2 Isle Of Skye

Day Trips in the Scottish Highlands

Travel Time from The Triangle Lodge; 2 Hours

If you haven't journeyed through the Scottish Highlands before, you may not realize that the travel time alone is a mesmerizing day trip in itself. But if you've already experienced the ever-changing landscapes of this breathtaking region, you'll understand the allure. Among the must-see destinations, the Isle of Skye stands out, even if it's not the closest one. It beckons with rugged landscapes, medieval castles, fairy pools, picturesque fishing villages, rich history, and unparalleled scenery. As the largest island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, the Isle of Skye is worth extending your stay or planning a dedicated day trip. If time permits, I highly recommend immersing yourself in its wonders.

#3 Loch Ness

Day Trips in the Scottish Highlands

Travel Time from The Triangle Lodge; 15 minutes - 1 hour

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be located in close proximity to Fort Augustus, the southern end of the legendary Loch Ness. But there's more to this town than just the stunning Loch. Fort Augustus is a charming destination steeped in rich history, particularly in relation to the Caledonian Canal.

For those eager to explore the depths of Loch Ness, whether to uncover its fascinating history or to spot the elusive Nessie, the A82 that runs along the length of the Loch is a must-visit. This route takes you on a journey filled with awe-inspiring views, traditional Highland pubs, castles, boat trips, and scenic viewpoints. Driving alongside the Loch, it's hard to fathom that it contains more water than all the lakes, rivers, and reservoirs in England and Wales combined!

#4 Cairngorms National Park

Day Trips in the Scottish Highlands

Travel Time from The Triangle Lodge; 1 hour 30 minutes

The Cairngorms National Park offers a plethora of activities to suit all tastes and preferences. You can;

  • Take in the stunning scenery from the comfort of your car while traveling the 'Snowroads scenic route'.

  • For adrenaline junkies, snowboarding down the mountainside is an exciting option

  • While hiking the well-trodden trails offers a more relaxed way to appreciate the beauty of the region.

  • If you prefer two wheels, mountain biking is an exhilarating choice for scaling down the mountains.

  • Alternatively, you can embrace the wet and wild side of the park with a range of water sports.

  • For a more traditional mode of exploration, hop on horseback and trot through the mountainous terrain.

The Cairngorms National Park is truly a remarkable destination that has something for everyone, making it one of the most striking national parks in the United Kingdom.

#5 Glen Coe

Day Trips in the Scottish Highlands

Travel Time from The Triangle Lodge; 1 hour

While it's hard to pick a favourite among the many remarkable places in the Scottish Highlands, there's one location that holds a special place in my heart and will always be my top recommendation - Glen Coe. Situated on the A82, Glen Coe offers an abundance of hikes, walks, bike trails, and wild camping spots that are off the beaten track. However, what makes it so special to me is the sheer beauty of driving through it. The pull to stop at every lay-by and take in the stunning scenery is irresistible. I encourage you to follow your heart and soak it all in, as words cannot describe the emotions that Glen Coe evokes.


The hardest question is; can you fit them all in to your trip? Thankfully The Triangle Lodge enables each of these sights to be done within a day trip, which provides you one of the most spectacular bases for a holiday in Scotland. If you're staying with us, don't forget to share on social media and tag us

(you may well be in with a chance of winning another trip!)

Elle :)

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