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Holiday Rental Competition; The Triangle Lodge 2023

Updated: May 10

Let have some fun shall we?

We've been getting some fantastic guests in the lodge and of those guests I've been getting sent some wonderful images with each stay and get told stories of their adventures that you've been up to whilst in The Triangle Lodge. I can tell you, it truly warms my heart to hear of the love the lodge receives week to week.

So this is where the idea of this Holiday Rental Competition came from, the winner will be announced in January 2024 and they will be winning a free four day trip to the lodge. Check out below to find the THREE entry requirements needed to be in the chances of winning!

Holiday Rental Competition

Entry Requirements for Holiday Rental Competition

1. Share images/videos of your trip to The Triangle Lodge on to your Instagram or Facebook

2. For your entry to be seen, you must make your post public and visible to us

3. Tag us! For us to be notified, we need to be tagged on to your posts so don't forget to tag @adventurestaysuk on Instagram or Adventure Stays UK on Facebook.

The winner is selected by whoever has the most likes on their social media post by the end 2023!

Good Luck!

*We are taking entrants from guests that have stayed previously at the lodge*

The winner must use their booking within 2024, this can be extended to a longer stay at an extra cost per night.

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