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Guided Wild & Open Water Swimming

Updated: May 12, 2023

Whenever I stay at the lodge I will make sure I go for a swim every single morning, it is the highlight of my day and it is one of the things that I am desperate to get back there for. I have tried it in rivers and the ocean and nothing is quite like swimming in Loch Oich right from the doors of your lodge. Perhaps it's knowing I have a hot shower waiting for me just steps out of the water? Perhaps it's just doing something for myself! Whatever it is, it's my favourite and my go to suggestion for people visiting the lodge. However, the majority of people I speak with can be incredibly nervous with open water swimming or may not be the most confident at swimming and feel they wouldn't be able to do it. So I have found the perfect solution if this is you! Vicky is a Personal Trainer and ready to be booked whilst you stay at the lodge to give you a Guided Wild & Open Water Swim, giving you the confidence you need to go out there and do it yourself! I have reached out to Vicky, and has kindly offered a one off discount code for The Triangle Lodge guests, just mention you are staying with us when you speak to her and she will give you 10% off all her prices. Below she goes in to detail about everything she does and how much she charges. I would really recommend booking this on the first day of your stay to set the tone for your trip.


Guided Wild and Open Water swims are led by myself Vicky MacIntyre. My passion for cold water swimming is contagious and I swear you will not regret the decision to get into Loch Oich, nothing will make you feel more alive than this!

I am a fully qualified personal trainer and in doing this for many years I have realised my true passion in life is to see people grow within themselves. Pushing them to places they never thought possible before in both body and mind, feeling unstoppable in the process!

I then began adding guided swims and “dunks” to clients after training sessions, I have to say not everyone was all that keen to begin with I’ve had people tell me they didn’t get any sleep the night before, worrying about it! But after a little bit more convincing they ALL gave it a go. Never did I have someone say they did not enjoy it, in fact many of them continued doing it, booking me for swims only as well as post training dunks!

Helping people overcome that initial fear is a part of what my job is about. I always say the anticipation is way worse than the actual swimming! Because I guarantee, as soon as they get into the water, out into this beautiful, wild loch, surrounded by nature, everyone completely forgets what they were worried about. The sense of camaraderie is amazing to watch.


(Session availability varies throughout the year)

Introduction to open water swimming

Season: All year Cost: £39 per person Duration: 60 minutes Group: Up to six people. Children 14 years and over. Children age 14-17 years need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Suitable for beginner and experienced swimmers.

During the lesson you will:

This session is tailor made for those swimmers who would like some guidance and top tips on swimming outdoors. I will talk you through the equipment you need, before heading to the Loch for a 45 minute session in the water. You’ll find out about acclimatisation, how to navigate yourself in the open water and some safety advice for swimming outdoors. A perfect way to gain confidence in the open water.

I will be in the water with you the whole session.


Cross The Loch swim

Season: May to October Cost: £66 per person Duration: 60 minutes Group: Up to 3 people. Children 12 years and over. Children age 12-17 years need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who can travel in the boat. All participants must be able to swim a minimum of 1km.

During the lesson you will:

Push yourself using the safety and knowledge of myself, I will keep you safe in the open-water environment. Challenge yourself on a one-mile swim from one side of the loch to another. I will take you to the widest part of the loch and you can set off, swimming shore to shore, I will be offering support and advice from the Kayak. Each swimmer will receive a ‘Cross Loch Oich’ certificate to celebrate their achievement.

Choose from;

Slow pace – breaststroke, 40mins+ to swim a mile

Steady pace – freestyle, under 40 mins to swim a mile


A Good Scottish Dunk!

Season: All year round Cost: £39 per person Duration: 15 minutes Group: Up to 5 people. Children 14 years and over. Children age 14-17 years need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Suitable for beginner and experienced swimmers.

During the lesion you will :

Feel alive!

This is one of my favourite sessions. Ideal for anyone who hasn’t been in the water before but has that wee pull on their heart strings to give it a go. I will guide you in until we have your shoulders in the water. No swimming needs to take place, you can “dunk and run” if you prefer or dunk and float in the water having me guide you and keep an eye while your body feels things it has never felt before!

You will leave the Loch feeling invigorated either way and I promise you, you will not regret the decision to have a dunk!


For every session you will have I will make sure you have some video footage of yourself in the water and some wonderful pictures to remember this truly exceptional experience.


You will need a swimming costume - I can provide wetsuits although very limited so if you have your own please take it (for certain months and experiences I would recommend swimsuit only). I also provide safety equipment. Your adventure will start and finish at your Lodge.

Booking a session

Please get in touch with me through email or give me a call if you've got any questions or would like to book in a session. I advise booking ahead of your stay. If you cannot find a session scheduled during your stay, please ask and I will check to see.

Contact Details;

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