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Sledging in Scotland; Nevis Range

The Triangle Lodge, Holiday Let, Nevis Range

Winter in Scotland reveals a plethora of thrilling adventures, with sledging on the Nevis Range standing out as an epitome of snowy excitement. Nestled amidst the breathtaking Scottish Highlands, the Nevis Range is renowned for its majestic peaks and stunning landscapes, offering a wide array of outdoor activities suitable for adventurers of all ages, including mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, and hiking. However, there's an undeniable magic to hurtling down the slopes on a sled, enveloped by the crisp mountain air and surrounded by panoramic views of snow-capped peaks.

As the February half-term approached, news of snowfall in the Scottish Highlands reached my ears, prompting me to ensure we had the lodge booked for precisely this reason. With bags packed, we embarked on a journey from the South of England to the Highlands, a nine-hour trip that melted away upon arrival at the lodge, offering a respite from the frantic pace of everyday life.

The Triangle Lodge, Holiday Let, Nevis Range

The following day, our van was already loaded with the sledges we brought along. I'll share a link to them here because fellow mountain-goers were eager to know where to find them, as they proved to be superior to the plastic alternatives, offering greater speed and stability for an unparalleled sledding experience. However, for those unable to procure these sledges, hiring options are available at the Nevis Range for a nominal fee (£5 during our visit, but it's advisable to confirm beforehand), ensuring a day filled with exhilarating sliding adventures.

Upon arrival in Scotland, the snow was only present at the mountain peaks. Thankfully, the Nevis Range Mountain Gondola operates year-round, offering access to breathtaking heights of 650m. The Nevis Range Mountain Gondola is the only one of its kind in Britain and reaches the heights of 650m. It was built on the north face of Aonach Mòr, the 8th highest mountain in Britain, originally constructed to transport skiers to the slopes, the gondola now serves anyone seeking hiking, skiing, snowboarding, or, in our case, sledding adventures.

The Triangle Lodge, Holiday Let, Nevis Range

For £50, my children and I enjoyed a fantastic day on the slopes. We wisely stashed a packed lunch in the van, allowing us to take breaks from sledding by descending on the gondola for a meal before eagerly returning to the snowy mountaintop. If you wanted to have a meal up the top, you can dine in The Snowgoose Café, which is very reasonable and perfect for those cold hands! Nevis Range also have a bar and café at the base of the mountain!

The Triangle Lodge, Holiday Let, Nevis Range

It was truly a remarkable day in the snow (check out our videos), especially for a family unaccustomed to snow sports and lacking extensive equipment. Despite initial concerns, the experience was both manageable and thoroughly enjoyable, clearing any worries about excessive costs. The Nevis Range Mountain operates from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm, with the conveniently located Triangle Lodge just 25 minutes away, ensuring ample time to enjoy a full day atop the mountains without an early start.

In summary, sledging on the Nevis Range offers an unforgettable winter adventure for families and thrill-seekers alike, with stunning landscapes and thrilling slopes creating lasting memories amidst the Scottish Highlands' wintry charm.

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