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Diary of the Host - The Triangle Lodge Refurbishments

Updated: Nov 8, 2023


This is currently how my brain looks. I am deep in to the refurbishments planning stage that my mind feels absolutely, royally boggled. There are SO many options! I am the kind of person that likes to do a good amount of market research on everything I buy, whether that is for something worth £5 or £5,000, it has to be of good value and just right for me to be able to buy it. Now put that mindset in to a whole lodge renovation and you have a person who is juggling life...terribly, I will add. You wouldn't believe the amount of times I have had to change the new bathroom design. Thankfully, my wonderful partner Sam, is a Project Manager for his own building firm and he has allllll the contacts to the right suppliers - which means getting the best price of everything (this also adds a layer of time and effort). Just choosing between the hundreds of taps on offer is making me see everything BUT taps, I will never unsee taps looking like funny shaped penis' - I can tell you here right now, that I have chosen what I call 'a sad penis'. Let me tell you, this penis tap was the nicest out of all of the penis'.

I am also eager to get this started now, in just two weeks The Triangle Lodge is being (mostly) ripped out - eeeeek! Nerve racking, but also so needed, the lodge hasn't been updated for decades and besides from the little bits I've done myself here and there to help the rental market along, it really needed some investment put back in to it.

With that, I have taken the lodge off all platforms and we will be reopening the beginning of January for 2024 and with a brand new modern feel to our Scottish Highlands escape. I am so excited to share this journey with you, I promise to take lots of photos to bring you along for the journey! After all, sharing it with you and likeminded others is the reason behind all of this.

Lots of love, Elle xox

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