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Travel by public transport to The Triangle Lodge - Scottish Highlands

Do you live far away from the Scottish Highlands? Or maybe you don't have access to a car but still wanting to visit without the hefty travel time. I have put together all the details you need to know about travelling to The Triangle Lodge or if you're wanting to get to the Scottish Highlands by public transport.

Public Transport options within the UK


Public Transport; getting a train to the Scottish Highlands

You can get a train from anywhere in the UK to Fort William, not only will you have some of the most spectacular views on the journey through; starting your adventures the moment you sit on your train, you also arrive just 30 minutes away from The Triangle Lodge - or if you're just wanting to visit the Highlands you are positioned perfectly to explore some of the most beautiful sights all within 30 minutes from Fort William - including Ben Nevis, Glen Coe and some of the most famous Harry Potter locations. Prices can vary significantly for this, but you can book a train with 2 stops from as little as £50.

You can get a bus directly from Fort William straight to South Laggan, this will take you roughly 35 minutes by bus and will cost you under £10 depending on which bus you take.


Public Transport; getting a plane to the Scottish Highlands

Internal flights to Inverness Airport can cost from as little as £14 - download the EasyJet app and input your dates, their app makes it incredibly easy to view the different times and dates and they bring up the price variations - making it the cheapest way to find flights to Inverness. Inverness Airport is just 1 hour away from the lodge; below I've included two options on getting from the airport to The Triangle Lodge.


Public Transport; getting a bus to the Scottish Highlands

You can get a short bus from Inverness Airport to the town of Inverness, where you can then find a bus that will take you to 'South Laggan', this will take you within walking distance of The Triangle Lodge. Depending on which bus you take, this can cost a total of £11 one way and can take around an hour.


Getting a Taxi from Inverness Airport directly outside of the lodge is certainly more easier and time effective, however, you will be paying for the luxury. This can cost you £100 one way, if you have a larger family or more luggage, then it may be worth it. But if you're happy to dedicate a small amount of time to the travel and save yourself some extra pennies, then the bus may be best for you.

Public Transport; getting to the Scottish Highlands

If visiting the lodge is about relaxing and spending quality time with your friends or family and less about seeing every sight and attraction, then this could be an ideal option for you. With fuel costs rising year by year, it's important to factor this in when booking a holiday. Thankfully, there are some wonderful things to do to fill your days by foot, including short/long walks right from the lodges door step, swimming in the loch, exploring the Caledonian Canal by water or even just relax and take in the views on the balcony or why not book a day trip with Active Highs who are just a short walk away.

You're able to have your food shop delivered straight to the lodge door step or if you're wanting the ultimate relaxation we have a fantastic restaurant, Hamish's Kitchen, just a few meters away.

No matter how you decide to travel, you will not be disappointed by visiting the Scottish Highlands.

If you have any questions that I haven't been able to answer here, please feel free to contact me and ask direct!

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