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Make the most out of your stay!

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

You've booked your stay and now what? Do you have bikes at the lodge we could us? What about Kayaks? What is there to do?

I don't want to take you through every single walk and sight within an hour of the lodge here, I will bore you to death, but I promise you I will blog more of my favourite spots for you very soon, you can check out my blog on my Great Glen Walk Mini Circular Walk, which takes you through two of my favourite walks directly from the lodge. In the meantime I want to give you as many resources as possible to make the most out of your trip!

On the water -

We couldn't be in a better location for water activities quite honestly! Not only is The Triangle Lodge just steps away from the Loch Oich, you have full access to swim in, dive off the nearby jetties, bring along your own paddle board or kayak to have wonder around on the water.

If you have one, I would suggest bringing along your wetsuit if you have one, especially for children. Although between the months of May - October (weather dependant) the water warms up to a temperature which is...refreshing...but manageable. It is something I will do every single morning at the lodge, nothing else in this world makes me feel as good as when I step out of that water!

I often post on my stories on Instagram me swimming in the loch and I often get people messaging saying they would love to do that but aren't confident in water. Well, you don't need to be held back anymore. I have teamed up with Vicky who is a Personal Trainer and also offers Guided Wild & Open Water Swims and has also given a fantastic discount just for The Triangle Lodge Guests!

Want to explore the area by water but don't have the facilities to bring along with you? No problem. We are in such an incredible location (Did I mention that?), we are just a 10 min walk away from the incredible Active Highs where you can hire your own Kayak/Canoe or you can spend an hour on there website and book in to anything from Canoe trips, canyoning, climbing & abseiling, Gorge walking, kayaking trips, river rafting safari and amazingly they offer some of the best white water rafting in the whole of the UK, with adrenaline pumping grade 3 & 4 rapids waiting for you to explore! Make sure you have a good look through their website and plan for a once in a lifetime trip!

(Photo taken from Active High website)

On the land -

With ample options to choose from from day to day, it is a hard choice to decide between spending the day at the lodge, on the water or on land! Often I don't feel like walking or riding a bike, but I also don't want to sit around with what might feel like wasting another day. Which is why sometimes filling you car up and exploring by road is one of the greatest ways of exploring the local areas quickly and at ease! Be sure to google some of the nearby locations and plan your own trips!

But on those days you're looking to be a bit more active you can head off to the nearest mountain and go for a hike, no matter which hike you find and decide to do, I can almost guarantee you will end up with a spectacular view. Keep an eye out on my website for future blogs where I will list some of my go to hikes! In the meantime, google can be your best friend! Sometimes exploring by foot can be a little slow and you don't get to see as much as you would than if you had a bike, I know it's not always easy for our guests to bring along their bikes, which is why Girvans Hardware in Fort Augustus (Just 15 min away from The Triangle Lodge) can set you up with a bike rental for the day or even extended rentals - just get in touch with them. They are a wonderful small business that would be more than happy to help make your trip perfect! Their website is great source of information, where you can find a list of trails and routes to explore by bike.

Make some time to take through my website to have a read of my other blogs, to help you really plan your trip down to a T and make it a trip of a lifetime and one you'll never forget! Or not...go with the flow, sometimes that is the best option and who knows what will happen!! Elle xo

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