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Children's books


Who are the Adventurous Kids?

We are Indiana and Phoenix! We have travelled all around the globe and have seen and done so many cool things, we have visited over 40 countries and have so many stories to share. We love it but we noticed our friends didn't really know what we got up to each time we left.

That's when The Adventurous Kids was founded, in 2018 we decided we, with our Mummy, would write a series of Children's books. Each book takes you to a new destination. We have made sure they are full of educational facts and illustrated in a way that will take you on a journey with us to each destination.
Do you love to travel and take your children on adventures? Perhaps you are the adventurer and you want to pass on this fascinating world of travel to a child you know. Either way, these books are a fantastic way to capture the imagination and wonder in children ages 1 - 8 years old.

Indiana English 

Hi fellow adventurers! 
My most favourite thing to do is playing with my friends and family. But there are so many things I enjoy, like riding my bike! OH, and I love swimming, I'm really good at it too, when I'm older I really want to be a diver! 
Thank you for joining us on our adventure!  

Phoenix English 

Hi everyone!

So happy you're joining us on this adventure too! When we're travelling we love to be near the ocean, I love snorkelling and seeing all the fishes! 

BUT, there is one thing that I really toy cars!! They come with me everywhere - on walks or even across the other side of the world. I suppose I'm known as the crazy one out of us but I just like having fun! 

Welcome to our BIG adventure!

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