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Get your children involved in the making of our future books;

After creating a book based on our travels around California as a family, I asked parents to research California, and for their children to draw a picture of something California related. I then picked out four drawings that included in the back of final print. 

This will turn in to a series of books as we continue to travel the world, with each book taking you to a new destination. I want to continue to do the drawings for every book I write and self publish, so if you would like your children to be in the chances of having their artwork displayed in a real life book then follow these next steps;

- Sign up to be a member where it says 'log in' at the top of the page. Only members with a 'public profile' can view and upload images

- Click on the file (below) you wish to enter your image in to and upload an image

- You must include the name and age of the child who has entered their image in the file name (you can rename this once you have uploaded). 

- Share with all your friends! 

The guidelines;

- Your child must be no older than 12 years old at the time of entry
- This is open to children all over the world

- Must be landscape orientation 

- Please give your children artistic freedom, I don't only pick the 'best', but the one that has the most heart <3

Love, Elle xo

PS. below, I've included the artwork I selected for my first book. 'The Adventurous Kids visit California'

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