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School visits

Are you interested in an Author visiting your school?

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, if you're reading this then you are probably interested in having me come in to your school.

This is a fantastic opportunity that can be used to capture the interest of children, having an Author visit a school can often snowball into an increased interest in books in general. The reason behind this is that, children will often see being an Author as an unattainable job. No matter how many books they have read or have been read to, they have only seen the final pristine copy. To have the opportunity to speak to an Author, who is able to explain to them that it started with one small idea, and have it developed and looked over by many eyes to make it in to the book that the child then reads, is the perfect chance for a child to potentially develop more of an interest with reading or even a career in writing.

For me as a child, becoming an Author or writer was never an option, I wasn't 'clever' at school, simply doing anything book related wasn't an option. I believe I am the perfect example to show children that they can achieve anything if they put their minds to it. Not just with their career, but with their life in general. I think more than grades and tests, being happy within themselves is one of the most important things children can achieve in life, I want to share our experience with not living life to the rules and living our dream. 

I would come in to your school and give a talk during the assembly, this is then followed on by a Q&A with the students. I will then host workshops with the children where I explain to them the creative process of writing a book. I will then set them the task of writing their own book/class book, this is all tied in with our books (adventure), which keeps the engagement with the students. For infant schools we work on a classroom book, where I ask children to bring in one or two photos from their adventures and they can come up with a sentence to include in to their page of the classroom book. 

I do not charge schools for these visits at present but I do ask the school to send a letter to the parents informing them of my visit and that they are able to purchase a signed copy of the book on the day.

I am based in Hampshire and am open to your suggestion of me visiting your school, I may need to charge for travel if your school is based further. If you are interested in me visiting your school then please contact me in the box below, if you are a parent you are welcome to send me over your child's school details and I can be in touch with them. 

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.

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