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LIMITIED NUMBER ONLY The perfect reminder for your Adventurous Kids to pin on their adventure bags ready to explore the world around them! Join the club that gets your children outside and adventuring, just how they should be! We're on a mission to keep their passoin for the outdoors alive. In a world that is slowly turning everything in to a computer game, we're bringing them all together in The Adventurous Kids Club!! Follow us on social media with your children, read them our books and inspire them to see the world that surrounds them. That may be a walk to the local woods or an adventure half way around the world! Where ever it may be, keep adventuring! Watch out for our regular meet ups in the UK (for now!).Don't forget to share with us what your Adventurous Kids have been up to by using our hashtag #theadventurouskids and tag us on Instagram or Facebook!

The Adventurous Kids Badge

  • 5.5cm traditional button badge.
    Items are all handmade in Langkawi, Malaysia. Each item may vary slightly. With each one being a different variation of rainbow colours

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